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Bodka Creek Capital is more than a real estate investment firm, it is a catalyst for positive growth and change in properties and communities.

In the early 1880s, an emancipated slave and the forefather of Bodka's founder, purchased a 300 acre homestead on the banks of the Bodka Creek in rural Alabama. The land had previously been home to the Choctaw Native American tribe and in the Choctaw language, Bodka meant "many waters", signifying how the creek split into many smaller streams. Those small streams created a natural irrigation for the land and allowed the crops, farm, and community to prosper.

Almost 150 years later, Bodka Creek Capital was founded with a similar philosophy toward each investment - To acquire properties and bring new life to the buildings, residents, and community at large which will result in strong returns for investment partners from fundamental value creation.

We hope you will join us as an investor in bringing life to value-add communities and enjoying the returns from the value we create.

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Our Market - Houston Metro Area

"No one knows a market like a local.."

A Growth Economy

  • Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and the fastest growing city in the country since 2018

  • 7th largest economy in the US with $490B GDP

  • Diverse economy with 20+ Colleges & University, Nasa's largest R&D facility, largest medical center in the world with 106k jobs, and highly sophisticated energy industrial complex with oil & gas, chemicals, shipping and manufacturing hubs

  • Texas City submarket is anchored by petrochemicals (oil an input raw material), shipping, and medicine - stabilizing the market during these pandemic times

  • Texas City has the lowest apartment to population ratio in the state as the community grows with NASA / SpaceEx complex

  • With only 259 units planned to come online in Texas City until 2024, strong tailwinds for occupancy levels


The Pandemic Impact

  • Houston Metro is seeing continued growth in 2020 as populations migrate from the coasts to the market for increased space and job access

    • Redfin shows Galveston county home sales up 16% vs prior year​

    • Days on market are down 40% vs prior year

    • Apartment vacancy rates declining 

  • Texas is very pro-landlord

    • Government and Non Profits are providing significant assistance programs for tenants and property owners

    • Texas eviction courts reopened in May in and are seeing cases where tenants cannot show evidence of seeking a job nor collaboration in developing a rent payment plan

  • Class C residents a stable tenant base

    • Continue to have stable employment as most occupations deemed essential

    • Higher lease renewals as less appetite to move during pandemic